What is Original Quinton?

Quinton Laboratories:

More Than A Century Working For Health

Quinton Laboratories is a pharmaceutical laboratory located in Alicante, Spain that exclusively prepares cold micro-filtered seawater. Being the direct heir of the revolutionary French biologist René Quinton, Quinton Laboratories is considered an industry leader by meticulously following the original method of the founder himself, keeping the integrity of the seawater's valuable trace elements and minerals. There are three main aspects that characterize the harvesting and packaging procedure that is carried out according to René Quinton's own protocols.

1) The seawater is harvested from a particular point in the Atlantic Ocean that is rich in phytoplankton and zooplankton.

2) The seawater must be sterilized through a cold micro-filtration system using 0.22 micron filters. It is important to note, Quinton Laboratories does not heat, irradiate or remove the salt from the seawater at any time during the filtration process. This is key to keeping the integrity of the seawater's properties.

3) Using pure Alpine spring water for diluting the seawater to bring you our Isotonic solution. Quinton Laboratories is the only pharmaceutical laboratory in the world that has a registered patent (ES 2343777 B1) for the harvesting procedure and the pharmaceutical packaging of seawater.

The Human Nutritional Deficiency

Modern health experts are in agreement that the most serious deficiency in human health is the lack of nutrients in our diets. Seawater can help combat this by offering up to 78 minerals and trace elements back into our diets. It may assist every aspect of our physiology, supporting us with all the essential minerals and trace elements from the sea.

The Science behind Quinton SeaWater

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