René Quinton (1866-1925)

René Quinton was a recognized doctor, biologist, biochemist, and physiologist. At the end of the 19th century, René Quinton was committed to answering the profound question, "Where did all life begin?"  It was this question that set him out on an expansive journey of discovery that led him to observe the life cycle that originated from deep within the center of seasonal vortex plankton blooms. René Quinton, continuing the tradition of ancient Pythagorean and Hippocratic thought, scientifically demonstrated that any living being, irrespective of its place in the animal hierarchy, was and continues to be a marine aquatic creature whose cells are born and live under the same aquatic conditions in which primitive cells first formed. Thus, the composition of human blood is almost the same as that of Seawater. This led him to write his book "L'eau de mer, milieu organique" ("Sea Water, organic medium") where he established scientifically the organic relationship that exists between seawater and blood plasma. Based on this premise, he elaborated a Marine Plasma bearing his name, Quinton seawater in 1897.









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