Original Quinton™ is exclusively distributed in North America by Quicksilver Scientific.

Distribution Center Address:
1376 Miners Dr., Suite 103
Lafayette, CO 80026, USA

For customer service call Quicksilver Scientific toll free at: 1-888-278-4686


If you are a health professional, click here to register to be able to purchase Original Quinton™ products at wholesale. You will be asked to provide credentials before the order is shipped.

You can also contact us at or call 1.888.278.4686.

We invite you to share this information with your trusted health professional. Let them know that we are here to answer their questions and would be happy to help them understand the numerous benefits that Quinton provides. They are also welcome to contact us at any time.

**The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates foods, additives, drugs and cosmetics. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs and foods, nutraceuticals do not fall under the remit of FDA; they are monitored as “dietary supplements” according to the Dietary Supplement, Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994.