Original Quinton™ Seawater

Discover the most natural way of supporting your health

What is


Extracted from a living plankton bloom, Quinton supports cellular nutrition and offers nature's complete spectrum of nutritional elements: minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. Quinton is the only natural, organically purified, raw, unheated seawater solution available as a nutritional supplement.

The Benefits of Quinton:

Keeps your immune system strong and alert
•  Support the body's ability to fight infections
•  Essential for when your body is under life stressors

Reduces fatigue and naturally boosts energy
• Quinton contains a high content of magnesium and hydrating electrolytes for instant energy
• Excellent for jet lag, brain fog, demanding physical and mental efforts

Enhances your mental function and stamina
•  Contains up to 78 of nature's essential minerals and trace elements the body relies on for cellular health
• Helps stabilize your mood, and promotes a restful, quality sleep

Discover the high bioavailability of seawater 
The key advantage of pure seawater is the bioavailability of minerals makes for instantaneous absorption and delivery to the body

What is the difference between our Original Quinton™ and other Seawater products on the market?

Original Quinton™ is one of the most remarkable and enduring health discoveries in history. Quinton was used as one of the primary medicines during the disease epidemics of the early 20th century in Europe and the Middle East. It also served a critical role as a blood plasma replacement during both WWI and WWII. Original Quinton™ seawater has been harvested for over 100 years from a specific plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France, using the same harvesting method developed by 19th century biologist René Quinton.

To date, we are unaware of another purified seawater manufacturer that follows our process of using a cold micro-filtering system to ensure none of the seawater's original properties are lost. Our competitors use a heat pasteurizing or UV radition process which is more cost effective but detroys the active components your body needs from the seawater. The highest quality of seawater is imperative to maintain the hydromineral balance of our cells.